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Brunico, Italy

Rolling green hills and piercing blue skies, cottages, farm villages and churches dotted the landscape. I knew South Tyrol would be beautiful but I never guessed how beautiful. In fact it’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen with my own eyes. South Tyrol or Sudtirol belonged to the Austrian Empire until 1919 when it was ceded to Italy, so the road signs are in German as well as Italian and the German visitors outnumber Italians about four to one. We were headed to Brunico, our last destination before going home, and saved the best for last we did indeed. It was a nice change from the chaos of the cities, because quite literally the only thing to do there is to experience it’s beauty – and discover yourself along the way. We choose Brunico because we wanted to see the Dolomites and we just happened to have a friend, Alessandro, who lives there running the most charming bed and breakfast you’ll ever see called Villa La Bercia in S.Vigilio. He runs it with his mother and uncle who will make you feel at home and like one of the family. Some of the highlights were the cuisine – I had a dish that is specific to that area, tuna Filoncino which is basically like a rolled pizza but with a different kind of sauce. It was very good, and I still have cravings for it. In the morning time Alessandro’s mother, Giovanna, would make me speck which is technically bacon, but it was like no bacon I had ever had. It was delicious! The other highlights were the hiking. We went in September so the snow wasn’t quite there yet. We went hiking around Lago di Braise, the air was so clean and fresh it was like I was taking a breath for the first time. The water was the most amazing shade of green and clear enough to see to the bottom. A little surprise along the way, a small cafe in a clearing up the trail where hikers can stop for a beer and a brat – Now that’s my kind of hiking! On the way back down we sat by the lake and took a nap. It was all very enjoyable and quite pleasant. A glorious way to end our trip!
























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