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Polaroids / Sacramento





A few random polaroids I took recently. One: A self portrait and the other two are from an outing with my friend while I worked on my American Suburb project.

Self Portrait

a self portrait

Kevin D.

a friend


perry’s beauty supply


©Beth Raper

He’s one of the good ones. My awesome friend Doug posed for me the other day for my personal ‘Nouns’ project.

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Went home for a weekend. Basically we spent our time drinking in the park, listening to music, and touring downtown. what a beautiful city!


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Los Olivos

Me and the Italians traveled over to Los Olivos the other day to get drunk on wine. Saarloos wine + amazing cafe food + more wine + dessert = nap in the park

What a nice day with my friends =)


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Day on the town

I recently spent the day in LA with my friends (the Italians). Here are some pictures to capture that day.