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New zombie images from this month

Swim Team

Dyer Lane

The Mission

©2012 Beth Raper

OK, I said I would debut these first at the show and I did, so now I’m releasing them to the rest of the world! These are brand-spanking-new all three from this month! I had a lot of fun shooting these, and I even have some second pick frames to share with you later too, so check back for those.

Thank you to my zombies Ema, Michael and Steph 🙂 I couldn’t have done it without you.




Creative zombie composites

Thanks Edward and Ashley

©2011 Beth Raper

portfolio, Projects, santa barbara, zombies

©2011 Beth Raper & Patrick Vaughan 

Mine and Patrick’s Big Set brain child

Thanks to: Miguel Folch and Glenn Letterman (our team members), Andrew Petrich, Edward Clynes, and Griffin (the awesome zombies). you guys were great.


©2011 Beth Raper